Ash Daniec – CREATOR 

Barre Brisbane studio director Ash Daniec first heard about Barre over 18 months ago when planning her overseas trip to the US.   A ballet dancer in her teens, she couldn’t wait to see what it was all about as there wasn’t anything like it on offer in Brisbane.  Taking her first class in New York City’s Ballet Beautiful where the likes of Gigi Hadid and other Victoria’s Secret models train, Ash was blown away by the session.  Other fans of the workout include Madonna, Miranda Kerr, Natalie Portman + more!
With a history of ballet and dance in her family (her Mother was a ballet teacher) and a strong passion for health and fitness, Ash realised the need for something new and exciting in Brisbane and wanted to share this unique style of workout with friends and peers through her own studio.



Ashlee Smale

As of January 2016, Ashlee returned from a dance contract in France with Disneyland Paris and was the first teacher along side Studio Director Ash Daniec at Barre Brisbane. Ashlee has an extensive career in dancer starting from the age of 3, currently holding her CSTD Teachers Certificate in Theatrical Dance and is in her final year of CSTD Teachers Diploma in Theatrical Dance. Two years ago Ashlee moved to LA for her dancing career in which she came across Barre and Pilates. Ashlee fell in love with them both! Ashlee has practiced Barre for the last two years in both LA and France and has continued to do so in her move back home to Brisbane. Ashlee is a very warm welcoming individual and is extremely passionate about dance and excited by the Dance infused workout that Barre offers.

Blaire Hamill

Blaire comes from a dance background with 10 years of Ballet under her belt! Overall this girl has been dancing for 15 years and loves any activity that gets her moving such as taking her dog, “Greg” for long walks and Barre. Outside of teaching for Barre Brisbane, Blaire works for Queensland Health as a Business Development Officer. Blaire has an extremely strong passion for women’s overall health and wellbeing and it shows in her classes.

Sammy Butler

Sammy has recently moved back home to Brisbane after training fulltime at The Australian Ballet School for four years in Melbourne. Sammy started dancing at age 3 and in addition to classical ballet she has trained in a variety of dance styles, as well as body conditioning and Pilates. Sammy now studies journalism and psychology at the University of Queensland. She is excited to be joining the Barre Brisbane team, combining her passion for dance, health and fitness to share knowledge she has gained from her own training to help the Barre Brisbane community gain the most out of a workout. Sammy strives to encourage others to experience the difference in this style of exercise which can benefit in so many ways.

Lotte Laursen

Lotte recently moved to Australia from Denmark. Lotte has been a lover of Barre for a few years now as Australia has been a little bit slow on the global Barre takeover.  Lotte has had a huge thirst for empowering the mind through exercise since her early teens, always finding exercises that make her mind feel good during and after a workout such as yoga, Barre and Pilates. Lotte is currently studying Psychology at the University of Queensland and looks forward to sharing benefits of Barre in her classes.