01 Aug TRUST

“Accept what is and trust in the timing of your life…”


Uncertainty can be scary. The future, the unknown, the unpredictable and uncontrollable can be terrifying.


Yet it is a completely normal, adaptive and protective element of the human condition to be constantly forecasting ahead. We build internal models of the world based off our knowledge and prior experiences to try to predict what will happen next.


It is somewhat ironic that this very mechanism, adapted to allow us to prepare for threats and make plans to achieve our long-term goals, can cause so much discomfort. But when we begin to reframe these feelings in our mind…the unease becomes a stirring, bubbling ball of energy, the unknown becomes opportunity and the uncontrollable opens up endless and unimagined possibilities.


Surrender to the unfolding process of life. Let go and trust in the universe to show up exactly the way it is supposed to, beyond your own ideas. Let go of needing to know all of the details before opening your heart. Just open your heart and say to the world, “I’m ready for whatever you throw at me”.


Our experiences shape who we are. Who you are at this very moment is different to the person you were this morning, yesterday, last week. Who you are now is different to the person you will be tomorrow. All we have is the now and all we can do is live in the present moment. Immersed in the richness of simply experiencing. The minute we let go, detach from an outcome and just simply trust, things start to happen.


Trust in this process. Trust that the universe is listening and what you are being served is exactly what you need. Trust that life is unfolding exactly as it is meant to. Trust that you are always supported. To fully trust you must have your own back. Trust in your instincts and be true to yourself. Trust in your own power, beautiful!


Trust you are exactly where you need to be. Join our beautiful community and be at Barre Brisbane this month.